Sand Art Bottle Gift Matilda

One amazing Colored Sand Bottle which you can customize it by names and dates . Sand art is becoming one of the most unique art in the world besides the verity of designs that the artists can do with colored sand. It is a beautiful idea and a very unique one to dedicated to one you love as a gift .
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Sand art is the creation of images, pictures, or designs in a bottle or even boxed glass frames made from different colors of sand . These images, pictures, and designs are all done using only one main "instrument" it is a simple funnel. With some skill, patience, and a steady hand equipped with creativity, layer by layer the product is always a one of a kind   

Colored Sand : Our sand is a very fine sand that is imported from Jordan this sand is washed graded and purified before it is colored with permanent colors Our sand for the sand art is grade A which gives you a fantastic finish and a steady flow in the funnel. 

Note we mainly supply ultra fine sand suitable for serious art projects and can be an expensive option for kids sand art craft. 

Glass Bottles : We manufacture our handmade glass sand bottles in our studio in Jordan in a variety of sizes and shapes to match your needs. 

You can have it as business gift , holiday decoration gift , home decoration gift ,souvenir and wedding giveaway gift. So beautiful sand bottle gift for all occasions and all people . also, it is awesome as Gift sets , souvenir gift , Handmade craft , natural gift , Wedding gift , promotional item ,corporation gift ,Home decorative vase , home decoration , ceremony gift , sand bottle gift .

Product Dimensions and Weight :

Height  : 15     cm

Width   :  10    cm

Weight : 0.85  kg

Packing Box :

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Units in box: 1


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