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Turn Photo Into Painting
Photo To Painting- Sand Painting
Turn Photos Into Paintings  Sand Painting 2
Turn Photos Into Paintings  Sand Painting
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Photo To Painting- Sand Painting 2

Custom Handmade Portrait by SAND from Photo

One FACE (sample ) FREE SHIPPING - Sand Portraits are an ideal way to create unique keep sake for families. They can record a special memory, a much loved family pet or preserve a memory for the fisherman or hunter in your family. Portraits can be created in any size, to suit your home or budget. Some of the portraits have been created with only black and dark grey sand, where only the significant features of the face are captured, which gives the portrait a “modern art” look.
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Free Shipping :

We are offering a free shipping  . Shipping by DHL within 5-7 days .

The Picture :

This picture is for showing our clients the capabilities of drawing portraits and anything else with sand. You can send us your favorite picture by using (+Add File) button to upload your image.Also, you can order the same frame with this image , so you do not need to upload any image .

Production Time :

Any full color image( Portrait )  for this frame needs 8-9 working days and one handling day.

Our Sand:

 We only use Grade A sand, the finest grain available, to enable our artists to capture minute details and ensure the integrity and stability of our paintings so they last forever. All our sand is carefully washed, graded and purified before we begin paining and we currently have 81 distinct colors from which artists can choose to capture every detail of the original image.

 Our Frames:

 All our frames are manufactured by hand and are especially designed for the single purpose of containing custom sand paintings. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes limited only by your imagination. Simply select your frame design and upload a picture and our team of specially trained artisans can begin creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art in any size or shape.

Standard Product Dimensions and Weight : 

Height  : 25   cm

Width   : 18   cm

Weight : 2.0   kg

Packing Box :

Packing Gift Box is FREE when you order this frame.

Upload your photo :

Select the picture which you want us to draw it by sand and upload it with your order . However, if you need more details , then kindly contact us via email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . 

Watch our videos : 

For more videos and to know how we do our beautiful art!  please visit our YouTube channel ( SandAndArt Group )


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Sand and Art is a studio dedicated to the highly-specialized art of creating lasting images and memories using nothing but coloured sand and we are able to customize existing images to create a unique piece of art to commemorate any special occasion.



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