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Do you want to learn your kids how to make heart , bird or even palm tree with sand!

Empty cup is all what you need with colored salt or sand!

How to do crafts for kids!

How to do crafts !

How to do craft work at home!

How to do crafts by sand!

Do you want to learn how to do sand art!

Do you want to know how to have enough skills to draw by sand!

Do you need to decorate your room, kitchen or even your office with your own craft!

Do you have an empty vase or cup or even a bottle !


Let us do it together ! all what you have to have is colored sand or colored salt and empty cup with a small spoon as simple as that. basically , sand art is depending on layers concepts which means you need to build the image or the view you want by layers each one above the other .

Oh , why you think it is impossible ! no no no , it is very easy … let us do it together . Empty cup is what we will start with . let drop some white sand at the bottom , then let us drop some red sand ( or any available color ) . follow the video above to create  palm tree or even the bird in other videos.

About Us

Sand and Art is a studio dedicated to the highly-specialized art of creating lasting images and memories using nothing but coloured sand and we are able to customize existing images to create a unique piece of art to commemorate any special occasion.



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A Program Engineer by profession, Belal Abu-Khadejah spent over 25 years in the computer industry working for several high profile companies in the field before realizing he wanted to make a radical career change.



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