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You are a true lover of arts and paintings? 

One of the most special presents in world is sand paintings. With sand paintings, the artists use sand to pour in the cup or the bottle in order to make certain beautiful pictures. Those stuffs need the strong concentration as well as skillful hands to successfully paint the picture.
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Sand Painting  :

Is the creation of images, pictures, or designs in a glass frames specially made for sand painting made from different colors of sand . These images, pictures, and designs are all done using beautiful different layers of sand in the glass vases. With some skill, patience, and a steady hand equipped with creativity, layer by layer the product is always a one of a kind .

Sand painting drawn by pouring colorful sand into glassware to make beautiful pictures is one of the most favorite souvenirs to buy in Vietnam.Customers can order sand paintings meeting their expectation. It takes one hour to draw a simple sand painting, but some days to draw complex and big sand painting.

With glass container, sands of different colors, a sample picture, a small spoon to scoop the sand into the container, pointy stick to start moving the sand to desired shape and years of practice, the artist can blow life into sands and create some of the most mesmerising artwork ever.The sand painting artist uses no glue to keep the sand in place. It is done by pressing the sand during the making process and securing the top with silicon.

Check out the indigenous Vietnamese Sand Paintings and let yourself be amazed! In order to create these stellar, high-quality piece of art, the craftsmen do not only need to be exceptionally creative but also, extremely skilful and patient. The Vietnamese Sand Painting varies in sizes and forms, ranging from human portraits to dynamic natural sceneries. Made from thousands grains of sand and each grain carries in it the spirit of our country, Vietnam, the Sand Painting offers every beholder the exotic and unforgettable experience that cannot be found elsewhere.  

You can order your own painting done at the same price. All you need to do is to send the a picture that you desire to be sand made. It could be a family photo, your baby, your own picture taken with the background can be changed into some of your favorite Vietnam landscape. It's a beautiful and worthy souvenir of Vietnam.

Colored Sand : 

Our sand is a very fine sand that is washed graded and purified before it is colored with permanent colors. Our sand for the sand art is grade A which gives you a fantastic finish and a steady flow in the funnel. 

Glass Frames :

We manufacture our handmade glass frames specially made for sand painting in Vietnam in a variety of sizes and shapes to match your needs. 

You can have it as business gift , holiday decoration gift , home decoration gift ,souvenir and wedding giveaway gift. So beautiful sand bottle gift for all occasions and all people . also, it is awesome as Gift sets , souvenir gift , Handmade craft , natural gift , Wedding gift , promotional item ,corporation gift ,Home decorative vase , home decoration , ceremony gift , sand bottle gift .

Standard Product Dimensions and Weight : ( You can change the size from the above list )

Height  : 13    cm

Width   : 18    cm

Weight : 0.8    kg

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